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On the eve of the 2024 Women’s National Championship kicking off, Pacifique Treize has outlined its ambitions to be considered for the elite pathways tournament following the NRL’s decision to expand the tournament to also include Pacific representative teams, Fiji Bulikula, Papua New Guinea Orchids and Ahi Ka Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Following the success of their inaugural tour to North Queensland earlier in the year, Pacifique Treize has expanded it’s offering in 2024, rolling out Women’s program in New Caledonia to complement the Women’s program the Vanuatu Rugby League has been running.

In New Caledonia, this includes regular clinics and intra-club matches, whilst Vanuatu will run both Under 18s and Women’s Open-Age competitions.

Year one of the program will cumulate with a match between the New Caledonia and Vanuatu squads, which is scheduled for the last quarter of this year.

With the NRL Women’s National Championship have a focus on player development across the region, Pacifique Treize will work with the NRL and PacificSports Aus to establish opportunities for the best female athletes from New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Wallis & Futuna and French Polynesia to also have the opportunity to showcase their talent in such tournaments.

The 2024 NRL Women’s National Championship will take place on the Gold Coast and will feature 12 representative teams, including NSW City, Ahi Ka Aotearoa, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland Sapphires, Fiji, Victoria, First Nations Gems, NSW Country, Papua New Guinea, Australian Defence Force Rugby League and South Australia.

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