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Australian company, Queensland Pacific Metals (QPM), has been announced as platinum partner for Pacifique Treize’s historic tour of North Queensland commencing this weekend with a game in Mackay against the Mackay Cutters.

Pacifique Treize has ambition of entering the Queensland statewide rugby league competitions over the coming years and one of the strategic propositions of the entity is to engage with companies that have a presence in both Queensland and the territories that Pacifique Treize seeks to represent, namely New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia. This partnership with Queensland Pacific Metals (QPM), who are an emerging producer of battery metals for the electric vehicle sector and who have close ties and partnerships with New Caledonian mining companies is seen as an extremely positive step forward.

A statement from QPM officials “QPM is a delighted sponsor of Pacifique Treize and its rugby league tour of Queensland. The matches to be played by Pacifque Treize and the on and off field relationships that will be formed with their Queensland counterparts is symbolic of the relationships that QPM has formed with its New Caledonian partners”.

Commenting on behalf of Pacifique Treize, President Manuel Jalabert stated “It is wonderful to be able to announce to the wider public our partnership with Queensland Pacific Metals. A tour of this magnitude cannot be achieved without the support of sponsors and QPM have shown incredible faith in our fledging organisation and we very much look forward to wearing the QPM logo with pride on the front of our playing jerseys and training shirts”.

Game times and venues for the Pacifique Treize U17 tour of North Queensland are as follows:

  • Saturday 3rd February vs Mackay Cutters at Tiger Park, Mackay – 4:00pm AEST kick off.
  • Tuesday 6th February vs Townsville Blackhawks @ Jack Manski Oval, Townsville – 6:00pm kick off.
  • Friday 9th February vs Northern Pride @ Callendar Park, Innisfail – 6pm kick off.

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